Saturday, August 30, 2008

b . d . e .

Best. Day. Ever.
  • Michael Levine's at opening with Natalie
  • making a yoga mat bag with my friend Terry from work
  • laughing at and then devouring a candy bar brought to me from Chile by my friend V
  • everybody showering Miss Mira with love
  • dinner at Buddha's Belly with Terry and V and their wonderful significant others
  • a parting shot of gelato at Al Gelato in Beverly Hills (gelato, or heaven on a spoon, can't say which)
  • coming home to Mira, who'll be with me another week, and kissing her until she pees on me, and then some more afterward


Christie said...

We missed you at Buddah's Belly by a day... :( We were there Friday night.

Sounds like you have a wonderful day.

Adrienne said...

I swear that is the cutest kitten EVER! lol

afrowalking said...

LOL! SO MUCH FUN! Love you gurl! xoxo

Stacy said...

They are putting a gelato place in next to my office.... bad news bears.

Sounds like a lovely day!

woolanthropy said...

I need to get my hands on that cat.

woolanthropy said...

Best morning ever for me. yay!

Anonymous said...

I want that candy bar! That is the best name ever. Was it delicous? No kitty love on my end. Don't much care for animals.