Tuesday, August 12, 2008

and i ran. i ran all night and day.

Lilia and I have a virtual mini-team going. The two of us have made a pact to exercise 3 days a week for 3 months, and to keep each other updated on our triumphs and challenges. If you ask me, exercise is one of those things that's always better when it's shared.

The first couple of weeks I met our goal, but my Houston travel week yielded only 2 days, one of which I'm proud to say actually happened while in Houston, and contained the overcoming of the following obstacles: heat, the lack of footie socks, the lack of an exercise bra to keep the girls from jumping around. I bought a bra, borrowed some footies, ran early (though early isn't saying much when it comes to Texas heat). Last week, back at home, I was a off kilter and didn't manage the third day either. This week I'm doing 4 days to give myself a boost. If you've read this blog for a minute, you know my workouts consist of two words -- Tae and Bo. I loves me some Billy Blanks. But I'm also some kind of running savant, meaning I have mysteriously good endurance for it, but I haven't loved it enough to do it consistently. There are only so many right crosses a girl can throw; I needed something else to do to prevent Billy burnout. Running requires so little, just some good sneakers and determination, really. Music doesn't hurt, so a few days ago I ran myself right on over to The Grove and picked up this little baby:

Just a few minutes of racking my brain over how to carry my big iPod while running were enough to convince me that life is too short not to buy easy solutions. I can't have anything in my hands when I run, and the one time I used the big iPod it got all sweaty in my pants pocket. Strapping it on me? Um. No. The Shuffle = freedom. When I opened its package and really looked at how tiny it is, I felt a surge of affection just like I did when Schmin was a baby. Then I thought, That's sick! I can't presume to speak for all women, but for a hell of a lot of us, you show us a teeny tiny baby anything and we fall head over heels.

Since I bought it to use for running, putting house music on it was a no brainer. I usually only get deep into house when I'm in a gay club in Atlanta in the mid-1990s, but running to my usual folky stuff or old-school soul would have me singing along but getting nowhere fast. I was suffering a dearth of house, so I bought this:

Basement Boys Productions, History of House Music. It's HAWT, I'm telling you. Unbelievably energizing and uplifting. It's got some familiar artists, like Crystal Waters (remember "Gypsy Woman"?), Ultra Nate, and Martha Wash (an old fave of mine), but unless you're a house head most of the material will probably be new to you. You can get it on iTunes, or as an Amazon mp3. If you're into working out and you're looking to spice things up, leave me a comment. I'll pick someone at random and gift a copy.

When I played it on my Shuffle this morning, I know some drivers and people on the street must've thought I was running to escape a padded cell. It sounded so good that I was running and clapping and singing and waving my arms. House music helps you burn extra calories.


Anonymous said...

You have me running along with you....too funny. Unfortunately, the only thing I could not do is RUN! Not even to save my life. There are only 2 things I've ever felt that tinge of envying others about: People who just get up and run run run and people who just open their mouths and can sing sing sing. Other than those, I never experience envy...lol..

I could jump rope for 2 hrs and swim for 3 but never run.

I think my Chimmney Sweeper/Heater Inspector has just arrived. See you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, perhaps a little pocket with velcro hooks on that shoulder strap for your ipod music thingy wouldn't be a bad idea.

Envying you.


Adrienne said...

LOL I can really see you running lol hahahahaha. Running is the BEST thing!!! Glad you have a friend to share it with!

Stacy said...

Oh, I love new toys. And I agree... the music needs to be PUMPING to really get me working out.

normanack said...

Damn, I hate to exercise. Double damn, but it's really important. Triple damn, since you ran in Houston I can no longer use the excuse that 75 degrees is too hot to exercise. ;-)

<3 Shawnta said...

AWWWWWWWWW it's soooooo cute!!! Your right I do want one just because it's so damn little. The last time I ran I was probably four years old running from my mama, but maybe if I get one of those cuties I would be more incline :)

jennifer h. said...

I bought the wii fit and was obsessed for about 3 weeks and now it just sits there taunting me as I unwrap another popsicle.

Maybe I would enjoy it more if I added some handclaps and fingersnaps. Consider it done.

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO is just not expressive enough to let you know just how much I was cracking up at this. I wish I could run too. But my feet problems don't allow me to even walk. It's elliptical machine or jumprope for me. I'm liking the Core Rhythms workout a lot! Still haven't tried Billy. It just looks so intimidating!

I will have to check out this track when I get home. I never like the results I get when I punch in "Workout Music." I was club hopping in the 90s so I'm looking forward to see what's on here. Aren't gay clubs the best? They're all about dancing and showing a little ass.

yaiAnn said...

I heart my shuffle for running! It's the perfect thing!

Ellen Bloom said...

I've been walking in the morning too! How come I haven't run into you? Instead of music, I've been taking my digi-cam with me on my brisk walks and taking pix in the 'hood!

We must compare routes soon.

woolanthropy said...

My mental picture of your hallelujah jamboree jog is killing me.

Throw your hands in the air
Like you just don't care...

golden star said...

I love love love Martha Wash. And, I really loved it when she won the lawsuit against C&C! I have a CD w/ her singing "It's Raining Men" along with RuPaul.

grtrossini said...

my boys gave me a shuffle for christmas...love it when i exercise!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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