Tuesday, February 19, 2008

bag lady

So far today I have --

Graded tests from my English Grammar II class:

Stared longingly at my pouch and mentally drew up plans for an appliquéd, embroidered version:

Read a few favorite blogs:

Walked by Terry's bag and smiled like a proud mama:

Snapped a few shots of Terry posing with her bag, while our office mates gathered around and admired it (Did I mention they are very nice people?):


Christie said...

So cute bag! Especially like the stars! :)

Adrienne said...

Very cute!

Laurie Ann said...

The bag is lovely. But more importantly, did the school finally move?? Where did you get the windows?

Anonymous said...

Love Terry's bag, how creative those stars are! How does she keep it shut? I hope not by keeping her hand on it all the time...LOL...

Laurie ann's: "Where did you get the windows?".....LOL...too funny.

Were you working in a windowless space before?


Angie913L said...

great looking bag, you are very talented.

sappmama said...

Oh yes. Not a window in the entire building.

Terry doesn't close her bag. I don't close mine either. I usually put magnetic snaps in my bags. Then I don't wind up using them. Har.