Friday, August 08, 2008

forty-two winks

Is it totally geriatric that I can't keep my eyes from closing after 9pm?

Tomorrow I'll try to keep awake long enough for a respectable post. :)


Adrienne said...

LOL NO! Listen to your body.

Anonymous said...

Nooooo! Not good enough, you have to fight the sleep. LOL.
Hope you slept well.

normanack said...

Have you hit the part where you hold the newspaper as far from your face as you can to read it? I used to make fun of my husband for doing that. Now I'm the one searching for my reading glasses.
Getting Old Stinks. (But it's better than the alternative.)
Oh, and you are not old!!! :-)

woolanthropy said...

I can't make it past 3pm. I so need a nap and my house guest just arrived. I so wish I was a coffee achiever.

Orchidophile said...

Not at all!