Sunday, August 24, 2008

that's miz bernina to you, mister

A fun Sunday brunch at Natalie's. Knitting and noshing go so well together.

I'm responsible for the knitting. Natalie's behind the divine cream & cake.

Check out this sassy little filly:

The machine! Not Natalie. (We already know she's sassy.) It's Natalie's new vintage Bernina 830. The vintage love is spreading. Ain't she a beaut? People are rabid about these machines, both old and new. For the latter, be prepared to get up off about 12,000 bucks.


Adrienne said...

What a machine!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeaaahhh, Tell Natalie congrats, way to go. But you knew I'd get all excited right!
I have one of those too!

Yummy yum yum.


woolanthropy said...

Don't my new gal look great?! Heather has one? good to know.

Ellen Bloom said...

Is that a Franciscan Pottery "Starburst" designed desert plate I spy beneath that strawberry yum?

Oh yeah, a I'm more interested in the Franciscan ware!!!

msaims said...

got mine back from the fixers recently and she is beautiful!

you inspired me to make an apron. first thing i've sewn in 2 years!

i've got orders for batman and spiderman costumes from the twinage, huge pile of repairs and alterations and a huge smile on my face coz those 830's sure do deserve a post all of their own!!