Thursday, August 21, 2008


Just when it looked like nothing much exciting was going on around here, I had lunch with pretty Lilia today! We had a great time.

Lilia was kind enough to drive over to my neck of the woods on her lunch break, and she treated me to lunch at the Farmer's Market.

Sure it's cliche to say someone feels like an old friend the first time you meet her, but it does happen, and that's how it was.

Here's proof of friendship, courtesy of Lilia's iPhone, which she let me play with.

Lilia, thank you again for lunch, girl. You're even more fun in person. (You should have a smug look, 'cause you are the shit, lol.)


Ellen Bloom said...

Cute dress, Carlita! So, at which of my favorite stands at the F. Mkt. did you have lunch?

woolanthropy said...

Yeah, making & meeting friends. That is so cool. That Lilia looks like good folk.

Elbee said...

Carla! I had a blast! I'm so glad we did this and looking forward to our movie date too! I'ma work on that Smug shot for ya! ROFL

Orchidophile said...

Fun!!! You guys have a serious farmers' market! I will check it out when I hit the coast next spring...hopefully!