Saturday, August 09, 2008

let me at the heavy machinery

A miracle has happened! It's 9:45 and I'm still awake (though fading fast).

Tonight I'm going to cheat and show you something that's handmade, but not by me. I love this thing, I tell you.

Isn't it just too cute? I said I made out like a bandit for my birthday, and this is one of the gifts I ran off with. Natalie gave me a bounty of great stuff, which she topped off by making me this beautiful craft apron. In the days leading up to my birthday, I'd call her and ask what she was up to, and she'd be all, Oh, nothing. At my party she produced this wonder.

I already have an inflated sense of self-importance when I'm sewing, lol, but when wearing my crafty tool belt, I feel like I've got skillz enough to build a house and sew up the drapery to cover its windows too. When I'm not sewing, I wear it to do laundry. It's very handy for quarters and keys and such.

Check out the back.

One of the best gifts I've ever gotten. Thank you, Natalie. xx

Not having made this means I don't have to post pattern info, etc. Har-dee-har-har. If you'd like to know the particulars, drop Natalie a line. I'm sure she'd be happy to share.


yaiAnn said...

Dammit! Now I have to think of a new Pay It Forward gift.

Adrienne said...

Oh too cute!!! I see why you love it!

woolanthropy said...

Yay. I love that you love your apron. It's great that it is handy for the laundry too. Bonus. Pockets are a good thing. For anyone who wants to know you can find the seamstress apron pattern at

Happy sewing ya'll!

Orchidophile said...

So cute!

Steph said...

Oh my god - I love that apron! Especially the little bird and flowering branch fabric. You don't happen to know where Natalie got that, do you?
And the embroidered message on the back makes it all the more special. You are a lucky girl. =)

Lola and Ava said...

Lucky gal! I need to find me some real-life crafty friends!


jessie said...

Waaah. I want someone to make me a kicky apron!

Mo said...

oooh. that's so cute -- and perfect for stashing quilt-making suppies, right? lol.

don't worry ... she really needed one so i went ahead and bought one on eBay. it does the job but doesn't have the same magic as your creations.

Deborah said...

gurllll makes me wanna learn to sew. That is just too cute!

Anonymous said...

I saw this in a picture somewhere, at the party I think it was, and wondered when you were going to blog about it!
I want one to wear while sewing. Getting that done today.
I'll copy yours if you don't