Wednesday, August 06, 2008

a tisket a tasket

Can you say, "scattered"? Geez. While I get focused and work through the particulars of moving, let's take a nice detour. I made a few things while my laptop was in the shop. (Okay, when am I not making something?)

I'll start with this:

Bad pictures, I know. But when I tell you this was a photo finish, I mean it. I'm surprised I managed to get any shots at all.

My friend Carol is a mentor for a great organization called WriteGirl. Her mentee is a sharp young lady who is now on her way to college. To congratulate her, Carol asked me to make a bag. Carol's mentee likes to sing, and she's getting into jazz and old-school soul, so we thought a photo of a classic singer would be cool. You can't get more classic than Ella Fitzgerald. The back of the bag, which I forgot to photograph, has a big pocket with Carol's mentee's name embroidered alongside it. Because Carol is my girl, I threw in a zippered pouch. I made the pouch in record time, about 25 minutes start to finish.

I got the batik lining, which I really like though I'm not much into pink, from Jo-Ann's. The exterior is a very dark blue, striated denim. It's from the remnant table at a fabric store in San Diego, the name of which escapes me.


Adrienne said...

Love the little zipper bag!! Too cute!

Ellen Bloom said...

Ohhh,Ella! Just saw two of her concerts this past weekend on PBS. She was the best!

6 degrees....I knew her son, Ray Brown, Jr. in high school. He's a really nice guy...very talented drummer too!

Next time I see you, I'll tell you more stories.....

woolanthropy said...

The bag looks so good. I love the way it turned out and the pouch is so cute.

Orchidophile said...

The bag is nice, but that pouch is too cute. I'm trying to perfect the zippered pouch technique.

My local Hancock Fabrics has all of its batik fabric on sale 60% off. What a steal!

Anonymous said...

*Smile* Love them, look at those perfect stitches on that purse!!!

Any moving again, you poor thing!