Friday, August 22, 2008

sleuth this

Today Natalie and I took my car to the shop, which was our cloaked excuse to go to Santa Monica to eat and shop the crafty haunts there. We dropped by The Sewing Arts Center, where Natalie bought some beautiful fabric, and I bought yet another pattern for a little girl's dress. We popped into Jo-Ann's, and I exercised restraint and didn't do my usual damage. We checked out Stitching Is an Art, formerly known as Stitches from the Heart, and I kept my cool and only bought two skeins of yarn. I want to knit them into a scarf using this pattern:

Only I don't know what it is. At Stitches, people make and donate store samples, and they usually tag them, but this one wasn't tagged. None of us could figure out what the pattern is. Is it knitted on the bias? I'm counting on someone out there in blogland to sleuth it for me. Please?

The verdict on my car? It's all over but the shoutin', unless I want to pour 1500 bucks into it, and I don't. It's got a gasp or two left in it, so when I drive it, which won't be much, I'll keep my cell phone charged and my AAA number handy.

I'm going to play the pity card and say that if anyone can help me figure out this pattern, it would really help me forget my car trouble. If I could only knit this scarf, I'd be over it in a minute. Won't you help out a soul in need?

ETA: Why do I ever underestimate the power of
Ravelry? I found the pattern in about two clicks.


Anonymous said...

So what's the pattern? Pray tell!
Do you still have time to knit amidst a move?


j.kaori said...

Pretty scarf --- can't wait to see your version!

Adrienne said...

I like that!

Orchidophile said...

Ravelry has a serious database of patterns! Lovely scarf!

Anonymous said...

Check the pattern STAR @