Thursday, August 28, 2008

everything little thing she does is magic

Mira and I watched Barack Obama's acceptance speech and we give it four paws and two thumbs up. Really, really moving. Watching the people who filled the stadium, everyone jubilant, many moved to tears, I am proud to be an American.

Welp, I don't know how this is happening, seeing as I don't even own a pet, but this blog has gone to the tiny baby mammals. First this guy, and now Mira. I have accomplished nothing, absolutely nothing, since she came yesterday. I forgot to attend an online class for work last night. I forgot "Project Runway" was on. All I've been doing is loving up this cat. The second her eyes peep open after a nap, I scoop her up and smooch her bald. And I'm always there when her eyes peep open, because I'm staring at her the whole time she's asleep. I might have to steal her from Schmin and skip town. Don't tell him I said that.

I heard a noise that woke me up this morning. I looked around and saw Mira sitting in her litter pan. She'd gotten in on her own. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was. Later Natalie came over to check her out. You think she didn't fall under Mira's spell?

We took Mira to the vet today. We had to get tricky to get her in by saying she's Natalie's cat. The vet, who comes highly recommended, isn't taking new clients but Natalie's taken one of her cats there, so we got in.

We learned that Mira is 3.5 weeks old, weighs less than a pound, is free of fleas and pests, and healthy. Her belly was distended, so we also learned how to stimulate her rear end the way a mama cat does, in order to help her make poopsie. I'll spare you the picture I took. It's not pretty. Let's just say it don't come natural, like it do for a mama cat. Heh heh.

I can hardly stand this tiny feisty cat. I don't think there's anything cuter on the planet. Almost as cute, maybe, but not cuter.

Turns out Schmin wasn't wrong about not putting Mira in a litter box. At the vet's they said that kitties don't usually acclimate to them until they're about 4 weeks old. It's fine to start them earlier, like I did with Mira, but age is something to keep in mind. Me and Schmin were sorta kinda both right. Maybe the kid knows something about what he's doing.

Mira goes home this weekend, so thank you for sharing in the kitty love, and fear not, we'll return to my usual ramblings soon. :)


Adrienne said...

Is that a pan!?!? LOL I keep saying Awwww just SOOO cute!!!

Christie said...

She's a quick learner!

Hari said...

That's how big my Crickalie was when we got him. He had crusty eyes and all sorts of worms and herpes. But he's now healthy and purring and in my lap as I type this to you. If you love a kitten at that age enough, they end up like my Crickalie... who sits on command, speaks two languages, and does double back flips in the air.

Oh, you should really consider getting a kitten! Or stealing Schmin's! Or tell Schmin, I gave you life, you owe me one! But motherhood to kittens is time-consuming. I much prefer cats to kittens.

<3 Shawnta said...

Awwwww thats all I can say! The cuteness in overwhelming :)

Stacy said...

So, I think you either need to keep her or require regular updates from Schmin... I'd miss little furball updates otherwise!

woolanthropy said...

Why? Why didn't I run when I had her in my hot little hands?!

We need visitation rights! The cat has my last name, you know? You can check the vet records.

baby kitty love I need more....

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful find, this kitty is truly happy to be loved and cuddled!
Yesterday, I had tears in my eyes, you really write an awesome tale.
Bravo to you and Schmin for taking such great care of kitty.

Give kitty a hug from me too.