Tuesday, November 11, 2008

worth more than gold

Thank you, wise women. Your comments are a humongous help.

One more day. One more day and I will have made the decision. I have a few more places to see in the morning. In the house in question, the carpet is brand new, and whether they would give me permission to ever rip it out, along with making a few more improvements (like you guys suggested) will be the deciding factor.

I'm excited to be so close to having a new place! Who's coming over?


afrowalking said...

Me! Let's get da party started ... RIGHT!

Anonymous said...

I just wish you'd taken some snapshots of the places you are looking at. Then we could all vote on those places which you really like but can't decide on.....that could be fun.
I am nosey and want to see what you are looking at......there.


Oh, and that extra $150pm. Is there room for negotiation like no key/caution money instead?

woolanthropy said...

I'm comin' over!
Watch out Mira. I feel like chewing up some cat ear.