Tuesday, November 04, 2008

i am a lazy fart, but on fire

I can't think of a superlative to express what I -- and everybody I know -- am feeling today. Electrified? I mean, WHOA! the day is finally here. Obama handily won Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, a place I'd never heard of and didn't know until this morning is the first place where folks cast ballots in this country. These people haven't voted to elect a Democrat since 19 freakin' sixty-eight, when I was a chubby two year old.

Obama's even delivered a smackdown in the land of ice cream.

The voting lines are unbelievable. Early voter turnout was astounding. And I can hardly believe we're about to have a first daughter with twists in her hair. (And sometimes little Sasha has day-old pigtails, which reminds me of my aunt, who used to go to school with bed lint in her hair.)

Poor McCain. First thing this morning, every news station showed Obama voting at the polling station near his home, Malia standing next to him, the two chatting here and there, Michelle casting her ballot. Then cut to Biden, striding into his polling place hand in hand with his sprightly little 90-something mama, voting, then kissing his wife. Finally, just a little bit ago, hours later, they showed an exterior of the Arizona church where McCain is voting, and Sarah Palin blabbing on after having voted in Wasilla, but no iconic shots of either of them casting ballots. Who does their PR?

Yes, we're electrified. Bubs just called on his way to vote in LA. When I answered, he simply said, Can you feel it? I said Yes, and we laughed a good while.

Now if I can only let go the teevee and the Internets and get up and drive to Austin, where I'll be celebrating the coronation, er, I mean, watching the election returns, with Anne, my mom-in-law, and her very vocal bunch of friends.

It's gonna be a hot time in the Big House tonight!

Oh, and here's a very, very sweet video.


Christie said...

AUGH! I'm so excited! I'm going to vote later then watch the returns with friends! And I will say, I've never seen lines for polling places in LA, but I did today!

Nettie said...

Ugh! I've managed to keep the tears in this whole time, but that video did it. What and amazing man.

I feel it too! I can hardly sit still. I haven't been able to sleep. I'm soo tired from getting up early to vote but I can't seem to sit still long enough to nap.

He has to win, he just has to.

woolanthropy said...

I love Charles.
That is the best video!

Barack is gonna rock it!

My vote is cast.

Alem said...

You got me on that one. I am still crying. What a day and what a tomorrow this day shall bring!

Frank said...

Unfortunately most of my energy (and sleeplessness) have gone to this Prop 8 bullcrap. I have a pit in my stomach that food just isn't taking away.

I have faith that our country is smart enough to elect Obama. Unfortunately I don't have much faith about Californians being astute enough not to take away my marriage.

Orchidophile said...

Wow! I'm tearing up over here! The turnout was amazing here! Simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S America!


AllyB said...

Phew! I'm catching up, plowing through my long-neglected Bloglines and now you've made me cry at work! Thanks for that video, it was so sweet. Good luck with the housing search.

lsaspacey said...

That made me cry.