Friday, November 21, 2008

the prince and the pea

Thanks for the sofa comments. :) I'll let you guys know if they meet the plush test when I see them in person. I can't wait to be in my house already. Today I did some mattress shopping and found a set I like. When I sent my friend Anthony a text about it, he recommended I check out his mattress seller before I buy. His seller is a woman who brings mattresses directly to a customer's home. On the back of a pickup truck. Sometimes at 12:45am (as Anthony found out). Her guarantee is that if you sleep on a mattress and don't like it, she'll deliver another one for you to try. She's due to drop off a second set at Anthony's house tomorrow, since he decided the first wasn't quite what he was looking for.

Where she's getting these mattresses, lord only knows.


Anonymous said...

I am wondering what she does with the 'used' mattresses!!!


Laurie Ann said...

I was just thinking the ones she's dropping off at 12:45am are used--like stolen right out from under someone. Good luck with The Mattress Whisperer.

Anonymous said...

Another thought....what about IKEA? Any store near you or even far? Speaking of which, I might take a trip today.


woolanthropy said...

Anthony's mattress lady sounds fishy.

Word to the wise. They should be factory wrapped when they are delivered. This is to ensure that they are not used & also that they don't have bed bugs. Yes, I said bed bugs!

I am so not accept delivery if they are not wrapped.

AllyB said...

There is nothing better on earth than home delivery, hahaha! Good luck with the mattress buying.