Monday, November 03, 2008

minority report

Oh no! Obama's grandma is gone. The last dramatic event in a season of high drama. Sad, too. May she rest in peace.

Really, it's almost over? I'll soon have to get back to real blogging? And reading through almost two months' worth of Bloglines subscriptions? And maybe making a thing or two? Catching up with friends? Returning my father's phone calls? Welp. I guess regular life ain't too bad.

But, since there's still time, here's a goody. Don't say I never gave ya nothing.


Stacy said...

I know. I can't believe she died today. I wish she had been able to make it to Election Day. So sad....

woolanthropy said...

I am sure she was proud as hell of her Grandson and she'll be there in spirit tomorrow.

j.kaori said...

I was sad to hear that she passed, but I'm sure she will be watching over him tomorrow and in the days to come. I can't believe the election is almost over either --- will miss all the election tidbits you share on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Mano, the tension is making my belly hurt!!!LOL..........when is it over? Are people still voting today the 4th?
A TV discussion panel programme here on Arté this morning said 90% of French people would vote for Obama! I know a large majority here would vote for him too. The person on TV said Obama is the President of choice for the entire WORLD.
It would be a sad day for the Americas and the world if that imbecile Mcfeign won! Don't underestimate the votes of right-wing fundamentalists.

Heather with the belly ache!!!