Saturday, November 01, 2008

my friends: the musical

I doubt this will stick around YouTube for long, so watch it while you can. It's hilarious.


woolanthropy said...

Dang that's a hoot!

Anonymous said...


BTW, won my machine.....been trying for at least a year to get this model....a very old machine...

j.kaori said...

So funny! Thanks for sharing the clip!

Hari said...

I don't think it's hilarious... I thought it was damn scary. With polls saying Obama has a 15-20% lead, and the shape of our voting system (and the previous two elections, (let me be more specific-- my only election experiences) having been hoaxes, essentially)-- John McCain and his friends in office?

If it doesn't cause some kind of rioting at least... I will be sorely angry at the US. (And so will the rest of the world.)

Anyway-- I like how you've put up a lot of pro-Obama things lately. I also voted absentee (I got my absentee ballot over a month after it was sent, and I had to ship it back overnight. Could it be because I'm a registered democrat voting from a red state/county? Hmmmm.)