Friday, November 14, 2008

with two cats in the yard

Thanks, you guys! I'm looking forward to moving in and making my countless hours of watching HGTV pay off.

And Mo, you're so right. That Expedit would be perfect! I think I'll be buying another one. Who put the last one together for me? I believe it was young Schmin. Ah, the red couch decision, lol. I keep thinking maybe a red couch might do it this time too. But I'm going to try to branch out.

Whenever I'm faced with a new project, I head to the library to see what the experts have to say. On decorating, they have a lot to say on the level where your house looks like a page out of House Beautiful Magazine (and you start with a structure out of Architectural Digest). And if you happen to own a circular saw, there are quite a few titles that show you how to use it to save money. The pretty-on-the-cheap chorus needs more voices. I haven't looked through all the books I checked out yet, but so far Todd Oldham has the most fabulous ideas; things I never thought of. There's some building involved, which I won't be doing, but there are also some good sewing projects and lots of inspiration.


Ellen Bloom said...

I actually own a copy of "Use What You Have Decorating." It's a very well-written book. All of the principles of design are there....proportion, color, etc. It's my bible.

Good luck. This is the FUN part of moving!

Anonymous said...

Do you have a backyard? Have you met your new neighbours?
Questions questions....

woolanthropy said... much fun! Yay! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself here in LA.