Monday, November 24, 2008

everything is good

Getting dressed out of garbage bags and boxes would be a drag. Luckily I've been able to avoid that experience; the room I'm renting came furnished, chest included. When I first got here I had a rebellious moment and didn't want to put my stuff in it. Natalie made me, and when she left having everything in its place kept me from hanging myself, I mean, er, feeling too out of sorts.

Last night I started scouring Craig's List to see if I could find a dresser or a chest before I move, so that I can blow past the bags and again get my glad rags situated quickly. I never buy such furniture from Ikea or contemporary furniture stores. Not to sound 100, but they don't make 'em like they used to, so I look for old/used/vintage pieces. In New York I bought a chest that I dearly loved at one of the Harlem antique stores. I hated to leave it when I moved to LA. I think Mister Stevens is still using it. He says I said he could have it. I say never.

Craig's List didn't yield anything, so I decided to keep checking and go the thrift store route as well. Thanks to the magic of the Internets, I found out The Guild Shop is said to be the best in town. I haven't been to its competitors, but I can vouch that it's fantastic, and today was my day to hit the jackpot.

When I saw this set I my heart fluttered. When I saw the price -- the side tables (night stands for me) were 33. each and the chest was 108. -- it skipped a beat. I want to do eclectic decor anchored by a mid-century spin. These pieces exactly fit what I have in mind. I am pleeeaaased to have found them. A loving wipe down and they're golden. I still can't get over the price, and neither could the store guy who assisted me. Pulling out drawers and admiring the craftsmanship, he kept saying, Boy, you got really lucky today! Every other piece of furniture that caught my eye was at least 300 bucks.

The tables have a shelf inside. Perfect for hiding the prodigious amounts of crap that follow me to bed. The bottom doors on the chest open to three more drawers. Well made. Visually interesting. What more could I want?


Anonymous said...

YESSSS!!!! When I saw them, I almost jumped out of my chair. What a beautiful set! You didn't get lucky, it was yours. Waiting for you to come pick it up. Fabulous. I agree with you on IKEA's quality too. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we have so many of their pieces in this here house.
I can't afford to buy such furniture, like your find, here. Out of this world expensive.

I am coming back with a link for you. This is from someone's blog. It is about a woman who bought a small house and furnished it especially sweet.

Good buy!


Anonymous said...

Here you go then Sappmama.

Quite cute.

Adrienne said...

GO YOU!! you did great!

j.kaori said...

Cool furniture --- congrats!

Ellen Bloom said...

Your new furniture is Deco-Fab!! Enjoy it!

Stacy said...

Amazing! How lucky you are indeed. I'm with you on the old furniture... my dresser is a Dunkin Fife I bought for $5 for a college residence hall. Love it, even if it does need a proper stripping and finishing.

woolanthropy said...

Love it.
You scored!

golden star said...


And the universe is speaking to you.

Nik said...

Can you feel the jealousy that I'm throwing your way?