Thursday, November 20, 2008

gonna fill it up with love

Okay enough of the dark religious cult business. It's time for furniture shopping, decorating, and bargain hunting. I'm about to buy a bed, and every time I see a photo of a pillow-top mattress, I salivate. I've found a couple good mattress deals to go check out this weekend. I also found a place that sells beautiful, affordable furniture. Need to drop in to check out this sofa. And this one.


Stacy said...

Have fun! I love looking at furniture and imagining the possibilities.

Nik said...

i like this one. i thought it was corduroy (did I spell that right?) at first. It's nice. Love microfiber.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like the red sofa. You can use it for a bed until you find 'your' bed.


Ellen Bloom said...

I like both sofas! Great idea to have a big ottoman to act like a chaise lounge for a portion of the couch!

Brown might be easier to live with than red...for the long haul. IMHO.

Again...congrads and happy shopping!

woolanthropy said...

I like the style of the red but not sure about the red color. It is always easier to have a neutral couch and then you can punch up the color in the room with pillows and accents. The ultimate test is the sitting. Is it comfy sitting? Is it comfy laying? is it too deep? Can you get out of it easily? Love an ottoman to put the feet put on.

Also a consideration is the cat hair and cat claw factor. Can the couch easily be slip covered? The next purchase will have to be a good vacuum with a good attachment to vacuum the couch of cat hair.

One reason we got a leather couch was due to the pet factor at our house.

So much to consider and shop for. It's exciting.
Have fun!

Christie said...

I like the red one. Perfect for putting your feet up and relaxing.