Wednesday, November 19, 2008

all three

Hey, Catherine. Hiya. Yes, I did see the CNN broadcast (Escape from Jonestown), and the one on MSNBC (Witness to Jonestown). I thought the CNN one was better. (They're both on YouTube.)

Here's a link to such a sad, touching video interview. I'd post it here but it's so dark and I'm ready to return to happy times! Honestly, the man being interviewed, Stanley Clayton (who was also featured in Jonestown on PBS), reminds me of my brother, and as hard as he tries to contain the hell he's just been through, it's written all over him.

Heather, very interesting point about the information you received versus what we saw here in the States. Here, we have a fascination with the criminal mind, power, and corruption, and Jones was the face of all three.

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Ellen Bloom said...

Just a "6 degrees of separation" old friend, Ruth used to live in San Francisco. She was a member of a choir there. Many of her fellow-choir-mates were followers of Jim Jones. After a few months, Ruth knew it was time to quit the choir. Sigh. Such a tragedy.