Thursday, February 21, 2008


Tonight was our West Hollywood SnB yarn swap, organized by our fantabulous cruise director, Natalie. I hadn't been to SnB in months, and it was really fun. I went with the intention of leaving as empty handed as I came (the two humongous bags of yarn I was planning to contribute are in Bubs's car, which is in the shop), but, you know, there was yarn and stuff. And it was free. So I came home with just a few things.

Plus two skeins of green variegated yarn that I stuffed in my pocket on the way out the door.

It was a cookie swap, too, but I was too busy testing recipes to take pictures.


Adrienne said...

Hahahahaha you know how to have a good time lol

Anonymous said...

"Plus two skeins of green variegated yarn that I stuffed in my pocket on the way out the door"

Had to LOL on reading this, just imagining you doing it...LOL..

It must have been 'grab' heaven.


Lola and Ava said...

What a cool concept! The NEPA group on Ravelry gets together once a month and I wonder if this would work for us. Lola and I usually toss stuff at each other when we visit, but not like this.

Christie said...

Good stuff. I thought about going, but I have to go down to the LBC last night. :(

Anonymous said...

I've just been checking out the walking foot which I linked to on the 'bay. In one of the groups I belong to, they are discussing a particular presser foot and they linked to this seller who is apparently well known...


He has the same walking foot listed and said in the auction that it will not fit Kenmore machines.

Just thought I'd drop by and save you the time of going hunting for the 'wrong' foot. So, it seems it will fit my Necchi but I'll ask him first....although I don't like those no-name products.


sappmama said...

Heather -- I don't like the no-names, either. But I couldn't find what I wanted, a nice vintage foot. The one I bought (see yesterday's comments) seems to be working well. I had seen anoldreliable's, too, and steered clear when I read the listing. Check out stitchesintime's, though. The seller's name is Cindy. It might work for you too.

Yarn swap -- it WAS a grab heaven! Much fun.

WineGrrl said...

I probably told you this already, but I'm very happy the box of Raffinesse found such a good home! ;-D