Monday, February 11, 2008

a bump in the road

Dang! Good times are on hold. Blanche's flywheel keeps slipping into bobbin winding mode while I'm sewing, which means the motor whirs and the belt moves but the needle doesn't. Could be because the belt looks like this:

Could be. But yesterday I cleaned and oiled the machine, and I am not unfriendly with the grease. I think it comes from all the Royal Crown Rosie Lee slathered in my hair when I was a kid. Any place metal meets metal in a machine, I squeeze oil on it. By the time I finished with Blanche yesterday, she had more grease than my scalp on an Easter Sunday in the 1970s. I didn't go near the belt or the motor, but I'm still left to wonder....

Before I order a new belt from Sears, I've posted for advice on Yahoo's wefixit group. We'll see what the experts have to say. A minor setback this is. The honeymoon is still on. Lookit what I was working on:

A lazy gal's quilt top. I call it that because I bought the Amy Butler squares already washed and cut on eBay. This must've been about 9 - 12 months ago. I sewed the squares into strips on Rilla, then my fear of quilt sandwiches and binding got the better of me and I set the project aside. This time I plan to see it through.

I promise promise to stop posting pictures of Blanche. After these. I promise.

I see someone has responded to my plea over at wefixit. I shall return.


Adrienne said...

Hope you can fix it quickly!!!!

sappmama said...

Me too!

Nik said...

Oh, don't stop with the pics. She's clean and purty.

Royal Crown Hair Grease. I remember that mom used it to press my hair...forehead would be all shiny when she was done. When she would burn me, she'd never admit that it was her who'd done it. See, it was just that THE GREASE was hot, which was supposed to somehow make it better.

woolanthropy said...

dang I must have been offline for days. Look at all the great posts and pics! Blanche, a quilt top, Mr. Stevens. I have seen and fondled some of these items in the cloth so to speak but everything looks great! Can't believe Blanche is acting up after giving her a bath.