Saturday, February 09, 2008

orange you glad

pretty flowers from Trader Joe's

Bubs drove me to the car graveyard to get stuff out of the Volvo today. I'm only moderately tempted to tell the guys to see what's wrong with it, and if it's something minor, to fix it. I picture myself after having made that decision, driving away in my car, making it almost home, then hitching it to yet another tow truck and getting on the bus. No thank you. Nosireebob.

Welp. Time to unpack the groceries and sort the laundry. It's very exciting laundry today. It's got fabric from Michael Levine's waiting to be washed and cut for a project that I'm ecstatic about. As soon as I get everything together I'll start documenting and sharing it. It's something I've never made before, and I might need a little help.

I've decided what to name the Kenmore. Tomorrow I'll hold the drawing. As Yay Pig would say, Yay!


Adrienne said...

Orange you glad I didn't say banana? LOL I kids get on my last nerve with that knock knock joke hopefully you know what im talking about lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Sappmama,
You didn't take your Volvo to the graveyard!!!a Volvo never dies, never ever...please take it back. It must be something really really a new battery..ROFL.
Seriously, was it a stationwagon? Even more reason to take it back, they make the greatest transport for sewing machines...Let's see how many Volvos I count out in my yard this minute...DH is home to that is 1, 2 is mine, 3 was mine (station wagon that son #1 used to drive, crashed it, repaired it and got himself a little old Saab...(like I said, Volvos don't go to graveyards...then #4 is in a litte garage/shed and that is the real old time...they call it snow white's coffin. That is there to play with after retirement..LOL..
So, ask them what is wrong with your old girlie and together we'll fix it..
I am laughing ok!

Can't wait to see what you are sewing. I made a jacket last night, still have to finish it up today. Lots of hand sewing...I chose to make it 'work'.

Are those flowers real?

Going to check out that Michael Levine guy online.

Hope your day is fine.

sappmama said...

Adrienne, that was my favorite knock-knock joke! So corny, lol.

Hi, Heather. I know, I know about the old Vs. People say the engines never die. I found, however, that the parts around them do, lol! Hmm, how to have a living heart without the rest of the body? I really wanted to keep that car, but every other month -- no exaggeration -- something breaks down. It's a '91 240 and I love that body type. My car guys have a really good looking '95 in (not a 240 as you likely know they weren't made anymore). I keep eyeing it, but I feel too burned!

Yes, the flowers are real. Aren't they pretty?

Michael Levine's --