Thursday, February 14, 2008

reunited and it feels so good...

Happy Valentine's Night!

I'm flabbergasted because just as I got ready to post I stopped over at Adrienne's, and lo! she posted a vintage Singer because it put her in mind of lil' ol' me.

Gee, I wonder why.

Could it be the zillion shots of nothing but my vintage sewing machines that keep showing up on this blog? Or, maybe its that I held a contest to name a sewing machine? Or how about my series of posts on owning and buying vintage machines, the last of which is coming up on Monday? Could it be because I ambled out to distant lands on the bus and with a broken leg to get my mitts on a machine before anyone else could?

It's Valentine's Day, and how have I celebrated? By dressing Blanche up in red felt spool pads.


I guess my love for the old girls is more than a little bit transparent, but I didn't think anyone noticed, ha ha.

Getting back to my girl Blanche, as if I ever left her, she's fixed and sewing good as new. The people on wefixit are truly great. I automatically assumed the problem was the belt. I almost impulsively ordered a new one from Sears, but a couple of members suggested that I simply remove the hand wheel, turn the small metal ring that sits inside it (it's the one with the five little tabs), and clean and oil the hand wheel mount. Took maybe 15 minutes, cost me no money, worked like a charm.

I tested the fix this morning, on a gift for a co-worker's birthday.

Coffee cup cozy. This project I bit from Frank, both of us using this tutorial (which is very nicely done). I copied Frank right down to the gift card, and added a package of nuts because the biscotti wouldn't fit and the madeleine's were way ill-suited for the recipient's Weight Watchers program. I'd been toying with knitting some cozies like this, but sewing kicks knitting's ass for speed, and I wanted a quick-'n-dirty gift. The only hitch I hit was in not having a walking foot. I used my quilting foot, but it's not a substitute for a walker, aka an even-feed foot. My top layer of fabric kept going one way, while the bottom layer kept wandering off, making friends elsewhere.

Now don't go getting tired of this Frida fabric. This time I used it because my co-worker loves Frida, but it'll turn up again. I pinch off of it, trying to squeeze it into as many projects as humanly possible.

Well, that's what I've been up to on this crimson love day. I hope everyone had a good one. And, Adrienne, thank you for the candy gram, lol!


Lil Knitter said...

You so make me want to run out and buy a sewing machine so I can make the totally cute things I see on your blog! Unfortunately, I am not so gifted as you so I will just keep coming back and drooling over all the beautiful fabrics and projects.
That is such a nice it!! Am I the only one who isn't crazy for that particular fabric though?

Oh and CONGRATS on fixing Blanche.
YEAH! Girls can fix stuff too!!

Nik said...

I've loved Frida ever since I saw that movie where Selma Hayek portrayed her.

Anonymous said...

Gurrrllll! You don't need no old photography course, you have the 'gift of the camera' already down pat! If you are lacking a bit of confidence in using a camera, by all means do a 'how to use my camera' course, BUT those other courses can't teach you anything you don't already know.

Glad that Blanche is running again, that stitch quality looks good.

Love that cup cosy, only we don't have starbucks around here....
Do you know I have insulated coffee cups. Yep. I used to buy so many books that they would send me Christmas pressies..LOL.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sappmama, it is early in the morning here so my faculties are not all there as yet, it is me at 11:pm. I just read further down in your post about the walking foot. When you find one suitable for a high shank machine please post it as well as the source. I need one for my necchis.

In the meantime, see that big knob sitting at the face-end on the top of Blanche? That is the presser foot pressure knob. If you have fabrics or projects that might 'drag' a bit under the presser foot, loosen the knob a bit. You might have to do little trials to find the right pressure. Too light and the foot will bounce while stitching. Give it a test and see. Sometimes, you may even be able to sew jersey aka stretch fabrics this way....without the walking foot...
Hope this helps.

OK, I am off, a new packet of knitting needles is in my day.
PS did you see the pics?

Adrienne said...

Im so glad you got your machine fixed!! But you know that song is stuck in my head!!!! LOL

sahara said...

Gee, the cozy's happenin' but really, how many vintage sewing machines do you own?

ickleson said...

I love the Frida fabric, it's perfect. She was such an inspiring artist. x

sappmama said...

lil knitter, if I am gifted, everyone is! A bit of patience and it's coffee cozies by everyone, lol. The Frida fabric isn't the easiest to use. I mean, I love it, but don't want to deck myself in it. Mostly I love the little image of Frida, which is why I keep cutting it out and using it.

Heather, lol, I didn't even know Amazon gave away prezzies. You must've been a seriously good customer, ha! Thanks for the boost in confidence with the picture taking. :) YOU are really upping the knitting stash! You're just like me when I started. eBay was my best friend. I bought every needle known to man, including some from the UK, because they were pretty! I rarely even use straight needles, but I wouldn't part with mine for the world. I love looking at them. I LOVE the knitted Valentine. Did you make that?
I'll definitely keep you posted on the high shank walking foot. I'm on the prowl for us right now. Hey! The pressure foot presser knob! I KNEW there was something I was forgetting to do to make sewing layers easier. Thank you for pointing it out!

ickleson -- welcome! She was indeed.