Friday, February 22, 2008

a walk in the dark

What did Annika win for helping me name Blanche? A few goodies, including a coffee cup cozy. Oh yeah. Those things are so fast, easy, and fun to make that I'm about to get an assembly line going. I went to Starbucks today, asked for a couple more cups, and was given 6. You know what that means -- cozy coffee, coming right up.

For Annika's, I used one of my favorite fabrics. The skull craze went right by me. As a symbol of subversion it doesn't quite work if everyone's loving it. I felt that the skull was becoming innocuous, so I ignored the trend. Until I saw this Alexander Henry fabric, which I think is rich, beautiful, and surprising. I bought it locally, at Michael Levine's. I only bought a yard, for kicks. I thought Annika would appreciate it.

Disclaimer: The skull is not a comment on Starbucks's coffee, which I suppose is as good as any, though I don't so much enjoy coffee, so I wouldn't really know.

Making this cozy was even easier than making the last, because yesterday my new walking foot arrived. Check it out.

It's not a panacea. Meaning I have to mind my p's and q's in handling the fabric while I'm using it, but it makes sewing layers a lot easier.


Annika said...

Thank you again! Tomorrow is library day, and I think we'll get coffee on the way!

Anonymous said...

About the walking foot....Cindy P. is also on our Yahoo list...too funny...

I have a funny story about one I located here but that is for later.

I noticed the stitching line is looking much better, no 'dragged' lines to be seen. So generic works