Tuesday, February 26, 2008

at least we've got the zep

Thank you guys for helping me through my knitting malaise. I felt whiny about writing yesterday's post, what with people starving and global warming and all. Certainly, there are bigger things to be upset about. But I was missing the way knitting and I used to play footsie together. Thanks to you all, though, I've got the message that it's okay to ease up. It's alright to take a break, or limit myself however I need to. Buoyed by your comments, I'm not fussing too much over the loss of the few inches I had going on the little red baby sweater. That's what this project is. My lovely friend Carol, sister to Dr. Camille, asked me to knit a sweater for a newborn in her family. I don't knit no tiny sweater, because the idea of the baby outgrowing it after its first month doesn't sit well with me (Heather, I hear you, girl). My gauge was off on this one, and I could tell it was going to be smaller than I wanted, in spite of the magic math I did (that's like, The pattern calls for 4 stitches to the inch and I'm getting 5? I'll just knit the next biggest size). I'm lazy about gauge, but I reckon I can offer it up and start over. Slowly.

Can you say, non-sequitur? Here's Mary, tearing up some "No More Drama" on VH1's "Storytellers" last night. You know the singing is good when you start snapping pictures of your TV like you're at a concert.

Finally, nearly 40 years from the band's start, I've decided it's time to get into Led Zeppelin. You know. They've almost cooled off enough for me to feel like I'm cool for listening to them. Yeah, right. They'll never cool off that much. For a representative sampling, I bought Mothership. I'm really, really digging it. I'm going to check out the DVD. Does anybody know where I can score some grass?


Adrienne said...

Ripping is okay lol just like throwing away jackets that you can't get the sleeves to set in lol..

Christie said...

It seems you're more into sewing, why not sew a baby quilty instead of knitting a sweater. Kids never outgrown their blankets.