Sunday, February 24, 2008

watch which

Hmm. The Oscars or a repeat of Chris Rock's "Bigger and Blacker"?

Hello, Chris.

ETA: Now Cedric the Entertainer's "Taking You Higher" is on. Then it'll be more Chris Rock, "Never Scared." Later, Katt Williams's "American Hustle," which I watched (again) late last night (the uncensored version) is coming on. Katt is absolutely hilarious. He and Rock are my favorite comedians (along with my girl, Kathy Griffin). Oh, I see -- Comedy Central is running "Hysterical Blackness," a night of black comics. It's Black History Month, ya know. I really, really wish Eddie Murphy would give stand-up another go. Please Eddie, no more fat suits. No more prosthetics. No more animated characters. Just get back on the comedy circuit. Please. It's been so long since "Delirious" and "Raw." Good things are supposed to come in threes.


Adrienne said...

tee hee

Christie said...

I think Eddie is too scared to do stand up. We dog him out now, can you imagine if he came back and totally fell flat on his face?