Friday, February 01, 2008

step aside, girls. this one's for the boys.

Howdy, boys.

I haven't forgotten about you. How could I? This is YOUR weekend. Super Bowl 42, baby.

Sure, the ladies can shop the Super Bowl sale at the local yarn store. They can even plan parties and pretend they're doing it for the love of the game, not just to have people over so they'll have something to do while you're screaming for your quarterback to get off his ass and start making some plays. But you know and I know, this weekend ain't about the chicks at all. It's about you, and only you.

So, fellas, in your honor, I present a little something to keep the action going long after your favorite team, win or lose, hangs up its cleats and goes home.

That's right, boys. Needlepoint. If it's good enough for Rosey, it's good enough for you.

What? Not manly, you say? I guaran-got-dam-tee you Rosey's balls are twice as big as yours, and look at the time he's having.

Still not convinced? Check out all these mancanvasses. There's a pattern for every one.

Why, these designs practically ooze testosterone!

Oops. Where'd that one come from?

Ah. I see your eyes lighting up. You're thinking of the possibilities, but you're feeling a wee bit insecure. If you take me up on this, will your friends laugh at you?

Don't have a care about that. It's not like you'll be the only one out there working the tapestries. Look at these guys.

Young bros, don't feel left out.

You're never too young or too straight to stitch.

In Rosey's own words, "I try to turn other guys on to needlepoint wherever I go -- from the dude sitting next to me on a plane to the guy working behind the scenes on a movie set. 'Smile all you want,' I tell them, 'but if you try it once, you'll keep on coming back for more.'"


Christie said...

That's the truth, brother.

And boys who knit/crochet/embroider are immediately 5 points cuter.

Ellen Bloom said...

Hahahaha! Again, Carla..with the memories!

My Mom actually had this book and used to needlepoint quite a bit. One day, my Dad picked up a needlepoint canvas for an eyeglass case Mom had cast aside and completed it for her. It was a ladybug design. I think I still have it somewhere. Later, my crafty Dad picked up macrame. It's in the genes.

Nik said...

Dammit, Christie stole my line.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to call those "manvasses" if you don't mind. ;)

Lola and Ava said...

Just another reason to love Rosey! I wonder how long it takes to chart that as intarsia . . . that samuri (yeah, it's spelled wrong . . . I'll live) would look awesome on a bag.

Manvasses . . . snort!

carlita dee said...

Heh. How did I miss "manvasses"?

Unknown said...

OMG - Rosey & needlepoint? I love it! Would love to find the book for my coffee table. Thanks for sharing.....

Anonymous said...

Just as I told myself NO MORE BOOKS, at least until my you come with this awesome exemplar. Once again, I'll be hunting. A fantastic book more so the man...where can I find him?

Anonymous said...

Heather at 2.35pm

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me about Rosey Grier to help me not feel self-conscious about crocheting.

Flash forward 20 years and I worked at a foundation where Rosey is on the board is was active in the company. One day he was in the elevator with me (well, many days, but one day I got the courage up to talk to him) and I told him that story and how it had made it easier for me to do fiber work.

carlita dee said...

Any interested parties (Hi, H!), I found the book on Just search Rosey Grier and a few still come up. Buy it. You'll like it. :)

Adrienne said...

Ok...I've never heard of this book!!!