Friday, February 08, 2008

i'll tell, i'll tell

Yesterday I got lazy on the linkage. (And got busted, too, ahem.) This morning let me offer proper info on where I got the stuff to make the stuff in yesterday's post.

Mameyakko by Kokka fabric for my bag --, but they don't carry it anymore. I just scoured the Internet and found it nowhere. (Deep breath as I beat back panic at the thought of this fabric no longer existing anywhere on earth.)

Mr. Stevens's bag lining fabric is Harmony by Rosemarie Lavin for Windham -- I bought it on eBay, can't find it there anymore, but did find an Etsy shop carrying different colorways.

Umami Midori Bags pattern book -- I bought mine from alittlegoodness on Etsy. I don't see another copy, but the shop does carry other Japanese pattern books, along with Lotta Jansdotter's Handmade Project, which is not available here in the States. And, FYI, the Midori book is ISBN4-579-11083-8. I recommend it for its great, basic bags.

For the image transfer of Steven's pretty face, I downloaded a picture from his Flickr account, played with it in Photoshop, then printed it on T-shirt transfer paper. I then ironed the image onto acrylic felt and cut it out. (I'm too stingy to use my wool felt, but I bet it would be even nicer.) To fuse the image to the bag, I used Steam-A-Seam, then embroidered around it for effect.

ETA: How could I forget about Nunoya, my inspiration from last week? They don't carry my exact bag fabric, but they carry other fabrics that are spectacular. I haven't checked their prices, and they are in Spain, but the site is worth a look.


Adrienne said...

Neato!!! I'd love to try that transfer paper!

Anonymous said...

I HEART You! Now is that a new acceptable word? Heart!
Anyways, I know you can translate
Thanks for the sources....see there is always that 'big Sis' eyeing you.
I found the midori book on YesAsia after scoring Amazon, the world over.
I'll order a couple of their bag books as soon as my second Patternmaking book arrives from them...don't want too many flying around in cyberspace...LOL..
Thanks and now I am off to see the fabric source...
Surely wool could be used for the bag? Yes?

sappmama said...

Hi, hi. :)

Oh yes, Heather, I think wool would work well. And now you MUST tell me how you came to own that minty Necchi! I heart you right back, "Big Sis," LOL.

Anonymous said...

Ebay sappmama, Ebay! The seller opened the auction, no picture, 3 lines of description. I thought, I'd have nothing much to lose if I placed a EUR 9,99cents bid. Shortly after he (seller) adds picture, a dinky little picture on the floor of an even dinkier room. Someone outbids me, so I go back full force and placed a EUR 21,00 (I think it was) bid. Went to bed, sure that the other person was just waiting to snatch it up. I wasn't too concerned anyways as I am over my head in machines....did I tell you...LOL..
Anyways, next morning I am the winner.......I look and look and couldn't believe I got a machine for EUR20.50. All this time I was thinking of the cleaning and oiling and fun time I had ahead. I ran to my Yahoo group and they confirmed the name/model etc. So I was over the moon.
We picked it up a week later, Friday night last, I didn't go to bed. I sat here all night just staring at her...I mean really all night. I didn't even plug her in until Saturday morning when we found out that she needed a new belt (which she got), and the condensor in the footpedal we threw that out and don't intend to replace it....that is the thingy that prevents radio/tv disturbance when the machine is sewing.

You know when the condensor is going to bust, when the machine takes off on its own....motor running, speeding up and you think there is someone sitting on your lap with their see-through foot on your pedal...LOL...then you smell the burning hot pedal and it has already happened, you might hear a shishy sound. Mind you for a machine that is 52yrs old, it has lasted a heck of a long time.

So that's the story of that beautiful baby. She sews like a dream. I didn't have to adjust anything on her. I am so happy you cannot imagine. Just started a Necchi collection and now have 3...I am done collecting machines...did you hear that..LOL

sappmama said...

Heather, you are my hero. I love my Kenmore, and yes, it was a great deal, but I think you got the score of the century.

Oh, and "you think there is someone sitting on your lap with their see-through foot on your pedal..." lol!