Sunday, February 10, 2008

free love

Okay. Now I really think I'm something. I done figured out this free motion thing. Wheeee! I wrote my name.

Now for the name we've all been waiting for! Dum-dum-dum-dum. The Kenmore shall heretofore be known as:

Um. That says Blanche. I didn't say I was any good at the free motion thing.

I was really really torn between Blanche and Ruby. Then I realized something, Miss Ruby was a bee-atch. She was gossipy and rude and generally regarded as a self-serving backstabber. I didn't much like her, until I grew older and able to appreciate that class of woman. It's not like I'll never name a machine after her. But this one is my favorite. I love it to distraction. I think it should be named after another someone I love to distraction, and that's my mother, Blanche. (I won't use the prefix "step-" again. We weren't allowed to growing up. My father would say, We don't step on each other in this family!)

So who won the drawing?

Annika, since I have the privilege of knowing you -- which means I can save on postage, har har -- I'll hit you up with the prize at SnB!

(By then I'll have figured out what the prize will be. Just kidding. Sorta.)


Adrienne said...

Hey Blanche!!! :-)

Annika said...

I won, I won! Hooray!

Anonymous said...

Did you see my cheeks drop? I saw Blanche and was quite excited that 'I' had won, that is, until I scrolled down and saw Annika's name.

Not to be a spoil sport or sore loser or or or....ok...CONGRATULATIONS to Annika!!!

Hi Blanche, hope you'll give your mom many years of sewing pleasure...LOL...


PS sappmama, love the spin your Dad placed on the relationships. There is a pic from the Necchi auction in my flickr. Just to show what it looked like first time I saw it.

sappmama said...

Yep, Annika, I'll be bringing the prize to SnB! Yay!

Oh, Heather. :( And the drawing only had 3 names, lol. But never fear! There's another one coming very soon, and it'll be an easy, easy win.
Hey, maybe you didn't win the drawing, but the gods of fortune sure smiled on you with that Necchi. It's hard to tell anything at all about it based on that distant, puny photograph.

Anonymous said...

***Hey, maybe you didn't win the drawing, but the gods of fortune sure smiled on you with that Necchi.***

I figure so too, I think it might very well be my last hurrah!!! (I couldn't be so lucky, just so)
before I go watch the potatoes growing from below....but wait, I got something in the mail perverse as to be unbelieveable and I have more coming in the next days too...I really hit the 'bay hard last week, picture later..LOL..

sappmama said...

LOL! Too much. I can't wait to see!

disa said...