Wednesday, February 27, 2008

my name is edward scott, and i'm doing dolphins

What I'm doing, I have no idea.

But I don't think that should stop me. This has been a quilt top for months. It's high time to make it into a whole quilt. Not that it's promised to anyone, god forbid. It's that I can't let the damn thing chump me another day. In The Modern Quilt Workshop, Kerr and Ringle (first I called them Weeks and Pringle) talk about the importance of doing a maquette before working full-scale quilts. Maquettes, mock-ups, drafts, models, muslins, and swatches are so not my bag, but babies I like. I especially like how small their things are, and the fact that if you jack up something and give it to them, they don't complain. They find a way to live with it, love it even. Bless those babies.

So this is kind of my maquette before I get down to business on the lazy gal's quilt, and at the same time, I do want to foist it on some unsuspecting baby someday.

I'm not the only one thinking, Babies! Eureka! Here's a wonderful and informative piece on a collaboration between Kerr and Ringle and an organization that employs developmentally disabled people. The quilts are so adorable. Of course I want to buy one. And Pearl is a genius for her gum wrapper idea, which I am going to steal.


Anonymous said...

So cool!


Adrienne said...

Now why do you have to go and make me feel all bad about not starting on my

Anonymous said...

That was such a feel good piece. Thanks for that. Now I'm all smiles.

sappmama said...

Glad you guys enjoyed the video. So did I. It's so sweet.

Heather, thanks for the link to the other "red knitter." I like her blog! Her version of Shedir is lovely. And, the knit-in idea reminds me to take my behind to Stitch 'n Bitch. I haven't gone with knitting in forever, and I think that social aspect helps.