Friday, February 29, 2008

a momentary loss of words

I talk a lot. Not in person, but in writing. I love words, but they are limiting, constricting even. I am thinking about the concept of theater of the mind, in which an observer is set free to imagine what is happening in a piece of art, rather than having it written out, played out, drawn out. What is imagined is often more powerful than what can be expressed in words.

To play out a little mind theater, for the next 10 days or so I'll only be posting images. I'll post a picture every day. I'll make it something relevant to the day, and I will try not to write any accompanying text. I will try not to write any accompanying text.

This is something I've been wanting to push myself to do for a while, and now is the perfect time because March is rife with job application deadlines in my chosen field. Mama needs a new job, a new place, new inspiration; so my focus is now on bringing these things about.

There's a metaphor here, I think. Leap year. Leaping forward. Making great leaps. Leaping for the sky. I am getting images of leaping, but I will leave them to the imagination, not try to bound them by words.


Adrienne said...

TOmorrow you can post a pic of a frog leaping..... :-)

Anonymous said...

Adrienne, you are too funny!
I am not all but how about a 'leap of faith' image...whatever that may be...could be faith in yourself and knowing that your new job is awaiting you. There is no such saying as 'leaping for the sky'! It is 'reaching for the sky'...LMHO here...

Can't wait to see the images. I hope you will be the photographer.

There will be no comments from me

I will now take 'leaps and bounds' out of here...I have 2 refrigerators to clean plus house.


Mo said...

You know I have your back no matter what so if this is what you need to do, then you should do it. I do have to let you know, however, that I will be missing your words. I consume them every day (or whenever you post them) and get both joy and sustenance from them ... for which I am always grateful. Really, you have so many good things but your words are some of your best.

sappmama said...

Adrienne, you just stop it! You're too funny.

Heather, YES! Leaping for the sky! Not a saying, but sometimes when you leap you do wish to fly, not land.
Two refrigerators -- how wonderfully abundant! (Let's think of it this way instead of the other way, as UGH. LOL.)

Mo, I love you! Thank you for supporting me and my words, girl. You know I can't stop, so there will be many, many more.

xo, everybody!

Anonymous said...

Well, Sappmama, I have a blogroll of about 53 blogs and yours is the one I look forward to reading. My blogs are in alphabetical order and so I hold myself back to scrolling down if you've posted something. I wait patiently, to read the blogs ahead of yours and jump for joy when I reach yours. Yes! She posted! So I am not happy about this but will be waiting patiently for your words to return. I look forward to your pics. I wish you Good Leaping!

Ellen Bloom said...

Living with a non-verbal photographer for 16 years has made me understand the importance of the picture. Many times, words aren't necessary. I look forward to viewing the visual dialog.