Sunday, September 14, 2008

retail therapy

More on Bakersfield tomorrow, as work dictates brevity tonight.

I'm finally getting around to sending out these baby sweaters. They've been languishing in my sewing basket, waiting for me to carry out my big dreams of sewing pieces to go with them.

For the blue sweater, I dreamed up two dresses, one in a solid pique cotton for fall, and one in a lightweight printed cotton for spring. And then I woke up.

Babies don't wait for schedules to clear. They grow. Fast. A couple of days ago I looked at the sweaters in the basket and a voice said to me, Go north, young lady. That's where the closest Target is.

It is undoubtedly my ego that drives me to make over-the-top sewing and knitting commitments. (When people talk about boosting their egos, I cringe. I'd rather diminish mine, because it tries to run me ragged.) The sweaters alone are enough. The pink one even has matching booties, for cryin' out loud. I did need something to go with it, though. That set is a gift to friends commissioned by another friend, which meant I hadn't made them anything from me. It hadn't occurred to me until The Voice said Target that I should buy them something, because in agreeing to make the set from my friend, I was essentially shooting my wad.

Anyways. Ya gots to love Tar-zhay. Twenty minutes of shopping and I've crossed three sewing projects off my list.


Anonymous said...

Well you made some great choices! This year I resolved not to make myself make something as gifts. Most bday gifts have been store bought this year.

woolanthropy said...

I lurves it! Crossing off, paring down, and sending off. Everything looks fun and lovely. They will be much appreciated. I gotta take a lesson from you.

Anonymous said...

Adorable! You did the right thing and did it very well.


Ellen Bloom said...

Little red pedal pushers!!! So cute! My Mom used to dress me in pedal pushers ALLLL the time! I wish I still looked good in 'em.

You chose perfect clothes to go with the beautiful handknits!!

Holly said...

Oh! The cuteness! My ovaries!

I am just like you when it comes to over-committing. I feel your pain!