Friday, September 05, 2008

sew and vac and back

Yesterday was quite a day. First our trip to Frank's. Then fish tacos at Marie Callendar's. Then Natalie and I went to a new sewing class. (I know there's lots of Natalie around here lately, lol, but I will miss my friend when I leave for Houston. So I'm having a Nat-a-rama-ding-dong, and I don't care. She's my Natalie and I'll cry if I want to!)

There's more to the story of how we wound up at this place, and I'll share that at a later date, but our class was at a great sewing/repair shop called Tanner's Sew and Vac. Let me wander over here to this: Is there anyone out there who can tell me how or why sewing machines and vacuum cleaners formed a business? I mean, why not sew 'n toasters? Or sew 'n TV sets? Or sew 'n carburetors? Why sew 'n vacs? Anyway, there's a great teacher there named Capril, and the first time we met her she was so cool and knowledgeable that we had to go back for classes. Natalie bought the multi-class pack. I'm paying for a class at a time, for obvious reasons.

Last night, learning from Capril, I realized I could take sewing lessons for the rest of my life. There's sooo much to learn; something always new. What I learned in our first sewing class has taken me a long way; now it's time to up the skill set.

Natalie and I want to get serious about producing well-made dresses that actually fit our bodies, and we're in good hands with Capril. I've said before that marking isn't my friend, but Capril showed me a faster, simpler way of marking that's freed me from my shackles.

This is the pattern I'm working on:

View C. No giant sash, because I think it looks very, um, retarted.

That's Capril seated at the sewing machine.

Natalie is making Vogue 8232 in a beautiful polkadot Moda cotton. I'm using what I am told is a satin-y lightweight denim (denim + me = no surprise there). Capril says because of its sheen, it might have some Lurex thread in it. My favorite thing about it is that it cost 3 bucks a yard. Welcome to the under 9 dollar dress.


Stacy said...

Hey! My uncle used to be a sewing machine/vacuum cleaner repair guy. I *think* the inside mechanics are similar is some regards (although hopefully your sewing machine isn't sucking!). I don't know specifics though; I will say it's nice to get the free sewing machine tune-up when he's in town!

Nik said...

see, i like the retarded sash.

You know, i always wondered why those two were together. I would think that the sewing machine repair place would be coupled with another crafty machine repair.

Ellen Bloom said...

Is Tanner's Sew and Vac one of those little stores in that Westchester Circle area near La Tijera & Sepulveda? I think there's a yarn shop in that area too, along with a great place to eat, The Coffee Company!

You certainly are making sewing progress!

Adrienne said...

Can't wait to see it all sewn up!!

woolanthropy said...

Man, last night was good.

j.kaori said...

Can't wait to see the finished products! You guys are dedicated!

Anonymous said...

I was TOTALLY wondering about the sew and vac thing, like, 2 days ago! And I've been to Tanner's but never taken a class, and to prob'ly every other shop around there: the Crop Circle, the kid's resale shop, the eateries there. You MUST try Paco's Tacos there. You MUST if you haven't yet.

So you're going to take the marking faster and simpler secret with you, huh? I see how it is.

Frank said...

Wait, I thought Natalie said you were talking about glass-headed pins... Did I miss it?! (Which is entirely possible...)

Anonymous said...

Stacy said:
(although hopefully your sewing machine isn't sucking!) hilarious!

Please get some of that fabric Natalie is using for your 'Trista of Sugardale' dress, remember that one?
Trust me, you'll need it......maybe 4yds? But don't quote me on the amt, but to be on the safe side, buy more rather than less.

Are you sure you will want to be in Houston all by yourself?
See, that is why I don't like the USA or Canada for that matter, they are soooo very large and everything and everyone seems so far apart!....LOL....I mean my DH only lives 6hrs away during the week! ROFLMAO!!!


<3 Shawnta said...

I have that pattern!!!!

golden star said...

I am so jealous. I need to take a sewing class so bad and I had 2 yrs of sewing in home ec in junior high!