Saturday, September 27, 2008

hair affair

I'm obsessed with the election and the economy (really?), and there's so much grab 'n go material about both on the Internet that it makes speed posting a breeze. Truly, this is the most outlandish, fascinating, history-making climate I can recall having lived through. I was born in the 1960s, but when that decade ended I was only three and a half, so I wasn't in on the good stuff. There's no way I can resist posting about what's going on, but once I move and get settled in, I'll be finishing some crafty business and putting the Purly back in Purly Victorious. At least as much as I can under the current political and economic circumstances. ;)

Today I have a bit of time. I'm working on a big project for my job, which means I'm procrastinating. That's where the time is coming from. Oh yeah. My job. I'm keeping it, full-time, even though I'll be living in Houston. That's about as fabulous as things get, and am I ecstatic about it? You bet. I'll be teaching my classes online, and developing materials for our online program that other grammar instructors can use. This arrangement has freed me to live wherever I want in Houston without having to consider commuting, for which I have very low tolerance.

Whom should I kiss? Al Gore? Bill Gates? JCR Licklider, for his name alone? I need to kiss somebody for this Internet thing. It keeps making my life better and better.

On another note, I've been having hair issues. I once read that in about 2000 years humans won't have any hair at all. Apparently we're evolving out of it, but for now it sure is of paramount importance. Isn't it? I guess I'm letting mine grow, and it's starting to get to the point between short 'n sassy and just hanging on my head like a wooly mop. I love the wooly part. The mop part not so much. Plus the gray. Oh, the gray. If the price of Miss Clairol's stock is down, I'm buying some, because I'm destined to single-handedly raise it.

Anyways, I needed to take this:

Somewhere, anywhere else. (This picture features bedhead, but still.)

Inspired by my friend Camille's hair, I'm going to try to have patience in growing it out, but in the meantime something needed to be done. For years, years, I've thought about bangs. A few months ago I decided I'd do them. I cut my own hair unless I want a major cut, then I call in The Bubs. I don't know the first thing about cutting hair, but if I jack mine up there's nobody to complain. It's taken me all this time to stand in the mirror, redirect a few locks to the front, and trim them.

I've decided two things: 1) hair is itchy, and 2) bangs are great for covering gray at the hairline.

Natalie got bangs not too long ago, and she looks all kinds of cute. Plus I saw a woman with hair just like mine in the 99 Cent store; she had bangs, and I loved the look on her. On me, I kinda have to get used to it, but I think I might be on to something.

Can I get a second opinion?


Stacy said...

I like the bangs... they look great on you. (Although, for full disclosure I must admit I just had more bangs cut into my hair.)

I bought some "Democrat" fabric today. It says Democrat all over it and has the little donkey. Now I have to come up with the perfect project for election day (fingers crossed!).

yaiAnn said...

I like it! I think it's a good change!

Catherine said...

I think your hair looks super cute! It reminds me of a shorter version of Tracie Thoms' hair. (BTW, I have a cold which kept me away from SnB this week - I'm SO sad to have missed sending you off! Pout.)

msaims said...

the hair is cute (and still sassy.)

i'm enjoying your comments on politics/economical climate. esp the naomi klein link. thankyou.

Anonymous said...

It is VERY CUTE! I love both wooly and mop and I am envious.
Your friend's hair is beautiful, that's where I want to be in my new fact I want Toni Morrison's hair, gray and all.

Do you know in German 'hair' has a singular and a plural noun? Unlike the English language.

Congrats on being able to keep the job, that is incredible news and maybe what the future is going to be. Thanks to the internet, live anywhere you want and work anywhere you want.

Heather who just rubbed the remainder of the olive oil from her hand into her hair, whilst

Annika said...

I think it looks great!

j.kaori said...

The bangs look fantastic!

Ellen Bloom said...

Bangs! I love 'em. The minute I started visibly aging (about 15 years ago), I cut bangs. Yes, they do hide gray at the hairline and they are youthful.

With bangs, you look like Cleopatra. Very exotic and pretty.

Laurie Ann said...

While you look perfectly adorable with any hairstyle, I like the bangs. I agree with Ellen, very exotic. Houston won't know what hit it.

Nik said...

I like your hair. I've always secretly liked your hair. Just never said anything. Don't know you personally, but it always seemed so YOU.

I'm cutting my hair off sometime within the next month. I have to settle on a hairdresser to do it for me. I love Rhianna's (sp?) new hairstyle, and I'm thinking I want something similar.

I often wish I could benefit from the internet when it comes to my job. Hell, if I could do experiments through the screen, they'd never see my ass.

Carat said...

How about a 12th opinion? I like the bangs.

Orchidophile said...

I too like the bangs.

May I ask you a question about your online teaching experience? Which course management system does your institution use? We use Blackboard and it meets our basic needs. How awesome that you can keep your job by teaching online! Our institution has a fit if you teach more than one section of online classes! ::sigh::

The McCain-Palin graphic is a hoot!

woolanthropy said...

You are looking bang-tastic!