Sunday, September 07, 2008

the community organizes

I didn't watch the Republican National Convention, but I have been reading round-ups and summaries and watching clips around the Internet. Same for the Democratic National Convention, except I subscribed via iTunes and downloaded all the major speeches. I must've watched Michelle Obama's five times so far.

I've read about the "community organizer" remarks that came from the RNC, and am noticing the backlash, which as far as I can tell, has turned into a smackdown. I don't think I have to say whose side of the smackdown I'm on -- Who wants to be getting smacked!? -- and, thanks to Ravelry (the images I'm about to link to are spreading like wildfire over there), I found these wonderful community organizer icons that are available to everyone. They were created by a LiveJournal member. I'm happy to say the list includes many lesser-known people, so it's inspiration to dust off those high school history books and read up on folks you can feel good about sharing the planet with. (Okay, to Google them and read about them on Wikipedia. Hush.)


yaiAnn said...

Don't know if you heard this one, but my friend said she heard someone say that Jesus was a community organizer while Pontius Pilate was a governor..

woolanthropy said...

Okay, yaiann's comment is funny.

I've googled and read. It restores my soul.

normanack said...

Fantastic. Utterly fantastic.
You've seen this, right?

Christie said...


Anonymous said...

I am watching this keenly from a distance. How does being a POW make you eligible to run a country and turn you into a Maverick?

I am amazed, simply amazed that so many people, today, after all that has happened in the last 10yrs, are still willing to follow and be led like sheep.

It really should be a no-contested election! I am going to look at the link offered up in the comments.

Stacy said...

I've been loving those community organizer icons. The way Sarah Palin mocked it made me SO angry. I watched the RNC only out of obligation but seriously yelled at my TV.