Thursday, September 18, 2008

a little knowledge

I've got my nose waaay deep into the current financial crisis. There are scores of experts having trouble explaining what went wrong, and no one can say exactly how to set things right or when they will be set right. So far be it for me to make predictions or act like I know stuff. I'm fascinated, though, and convinced that it's a great time to go on ahead and wake up to how money flows in this country, and throughout the world. Toward that end, I'm reading, watching, and listening to everything I can, especially anything that puts the goings on in layman's terms. Here are a few resources that I'm finding very useful:

The "Giant Pool of Money" is TAL's all-time most popular broadcast/podcast. I've listened to it about 10 times since it aired. It offers a wealth of information and an excellent foundation from which to understand the current crisis. If you heard McCain talk about naked short selling yesterday, or if the phrase intrigues you, "Now You SEC Me, Now You Don't" will be illuminating.

More links to helpful info to come.


normanack said...

Thank you for the resources. I've been feeling really stupid about the whole thing and didn' even know where to start looking. These will surely help!

j.kaori said...

Thank you for the links. Woolanthropy also mentioned the Giant Pool of Money episode, which was excellent. It is about time that regulatory agencies are taking a stance against short selling.

Anonymous said...

I though that I was the only person obsessed with it, and that was because I used to work in finance. It is fascinating watching it unfold, and thinking about why these businesses "need" welfare.

woolanthropy said...

All this info might just might make me a modern jackass.