Tuesday, June 10, 2008

a pop of red

Good people of the Internets, we have a winner.

The Easy Baby Cardigan is officially my go-to baby pattern. I'm all about it. I'll never stop loving the February Sweater, but for easy knitting you cannot beat this one. I've found it challenging to find classic baby sweater patterns for worsted weight yarn; most call for DK or sport. Others call for bulkier stuff that I don't usually have. But I'm always stocked up on worsted, and it's fun to be able to work it into something this adorable.

I went through a lot of buttons to get to this one. Nothing I had on hand excited me, so when I went to Michael Levine's on Sunday, Natalie and I searched there. Originally I wanted red, or a toggle, but when the red buttons I had didn't work, and I didn't have a toggle, I thought maybe something sparkly would be nice. When we finally found this red toggle (could it be?!), me, Natalie, and Rosie the counter lady all knew it was The One. It is a tad weighty, so I fused a scrap of fabric to the button band to support it. Ellen has been ready to teach me how to crochet a button loop, but I couldn't wait for SnB this Thursday. Using my google-fu, I found the perfect tutorial on how to sew one.

Clearly, clearly, I love this little sweater. I love it so much that my heart overflows and I want to spread the warm fuzzies. I will send some pretty yarn to the first person who can guess the fabric I used to stabilize the button. How's that? (Um, if I've given you something made from it, you can't play, har har.) I'll give you a hint, I've used it before, and it's about a woman. (Even with the hint, if you can identify this teeny swatch, you're a fabric freak!)

Project Notes
Easy (oh yeah!) Baby Sweater
Size 12 months
Artyarns Supermerino #107
Size 7 Denise Interchangeables
Button from Michael Levine's Fabrics, Downtown LA
Elation factor: Through the roof


Laurie Ann said...

Oh, it looks great. I love the button. I'm just finishing my second sleeve. The stripes proved trickier than I thought.

Ellen Bloom said...

THe button loop is perfect! After reading the tutorial, I like this method BETTER than crocheting a button loop. The sweater is so perfect. Congratulations!

Ellen Bloom said...

One more thing....is that bit of fabric backing the toggle your coffee cup Frida fabric?

You know I NEED more yarn. Hahahahahaha!

Adrienne said...


Anonymous said...

Ooohh, I got the warm fuzzies too when I saw it. It is really really sweat. Hurry up and get some sweaters and hats in your Etsy shop.


sahara said...

Fantastic! The babies amongst my friends are coming, so I have another idea; thanks!

Lilia said...

That is just too much! It's just awesome!

woolanthropy said...

Love your google-fu, grasshopper.

The loophole is perfect!

All I can say is...to die for!