Tuesday, September 02, 2008

what cones?

When I think about it, the traffic cones are a you-had-to-be-there kinda thing, so let's just say parking in this neighborhood is rough, and can necessitate the commission of a felony. If you have guests over and they have to leave for an errand and happen to steal traffic cones, peel back around here, and deposit them in a parking space, who are you to judge? And who are you not to smuggle away said cones for future use?


Moving right along, on Sunday the crafty crew and I went to Pasadena for lunch at a lovely new restaurant called Daisy Mint. I'm telling you this food was outta sight. And the decor -- so pretty.

Afterward, we went for knitting and dessert at the beautiful home of Mary Jo. Ellen, who planned this outing, has great photos, a fun round-up of the day, and proof that I actually do still knit.

And PS: Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my dress! I like it now. Thanks to you sweet people.


Christie said...

Daisy Mint? Hmmm...have to check that out. And cones? No one came blame you...

woolanthropy said...

Daisy Mint...yummmmmmmm.
And cute too.

Anonymous said...

ok, what is that little car thing up there ands where do I get one? Oh Carla! You are going to miss all this fun stuff and girls when you leave! Sniff :(

Stacy said...

That mirror is great, with the chandelier reflecting in it. And the cone stealing sounds perfectly justified.