Thursday, June 19, 2008

it's 3am. do you know where your crazy is?

I sure know where mine was. It was walking back and forth to the oven, flipping a baby sweater to keep it from burning.

Crazy just couldn't wait for the sweater to air dry. I told crazy to be patient, but crazy said no. Crazy remembered back in the day, drying socks and panties ghetto style. Crazy figured with the oven on 350, and if it kept a close watch, what harm could be done?

I warned crazy that if it didn't go to bed I would kick its ass. Crazy gave me a crazy look, and I backed down, 'cause I know crazy fight dirty. Crazy went on about its business, drying the sweater, knitting another project, hanging around The Rav until 4. The last time crazy checked the sweater, it looked at me and said, This sweater needs something, right now. What could it possibly need at 4am in the morning? I asked crazy. Embroidery, that's what, crazy said back. Crazy thought it needed a daisy chain, but crazy wasn't sure how to do one, and crazy had never embroidered on knitting before. I'm sleepy, I told crazy, but not too loudly because I didn't want that look again. Shhh, it said, tapping away on the computer. Here, here's a tutorial, right here.

First crazy sewed on the buttons. Then crazy got to work on the daisy chain. (It thought it was pretty clever for putting a button in the center.) Crazy didn't take its crazy self to bed until 6am this morning.

Here's a peek at something else crazy started last night.

Anti-propagandist note: Crazy might recommend you block a sweater this way, but I don't. I'm pretty sure the sweater lost about a 1/2" that it wouldn't have lost if crazy hadn't baked it. Don't let crazy get to talking to you about superwash. Superwash is still wool, and wool and baking don't mix.

Project Notes
Raglan Sleeve Easy Baby Sweater: I used this pattern because it doesn't call for much yarn. I cast on for the largest size, knowing the sweater wouldn't come out that big. The pattern's math is off, so I had to add a couple of extra stitches to make it work out. I also veered when picking up stitches for the sleeves.
Size: It's a crap shoot. 3-6 months? I need to get some baby-sized dolls or something.
Artyarns Supermerino, #128, about 2 skeins
Size 7 Knitpicks Options
Buttons from Jo-Ann Fabrics
Love level: Way up there, probably, but I'm too sleepy to tell.


Laurie Ann said...

Did Crazy tell you to make booties for that sweater? That Crazy--she's a beyotch.

sappmama said...

She did! I hate crazy.

Stacy said...

Oh, I hate when Crazy comes in, sits down on your couch, puts her feet up on the table and TAKES over.

Anonymous said...

Crazy's cousin, Insanity visits me often.


Crazy has good taste though!!! LOL! It is beautiful! Now see I just barely started sewing and now you got me wanting to knit too. :)

Adrienne said...

My crazy was SLEEP! LOL! Love it!!

woolanthropy said...

dude, that's hella crazy. It would never occur to me to put my clothes in the oven. I grew up here in LA, can you tell? You baked a baby sweater! That is hilarious.

It looks very lovely.

Ellen Bloom said...

And you said you didn't do much cooking!! Faboo interpretation of boring pattern.

mo said...

i love crazy. and i love you, too. that is a crazy beautiful sweater.

The Happy College Knitter said...

It's good to embrace crazy :)

Anonymous said...


Tell your crazy to leave, pronto!
Crazies can stick around for a long time if they feel welcomed.

I can't believe it! Gurl, you are amazing.....That sweater is too sweet, toooo sweetttt!

***Superwash is still wool, and wool and baking don't mix.***



Frank said...

My goodness, I should have read this post when I was first released from the hospital cuz you and Crazy had me rip roaring!

And going back to our Bizarro-shared childhoods, I remember many a night baking a sweater or socks or a shirt that I wanted to wear to high school the next day because laundry didn't get done cuz the water was frozen or some thing or other!

The embroidery is just the absolute most darling finishing touch to an adorable sweater!