Sunday, September 28, 2008

bangs, bangs, bangs

Oh, you all.

Let me be clearer, when I said the Internet keeps making my life better, I said it in the context of being able to work online, but I was thinking about that, and about you guys. It's strange the warmth and friendship and support that can come through an electronic machine! But it does. Once in a while I get the pleasure of going from machine to in-the-flesh (Hi, Lilia! Rangsiwan, one of these days!), and it's ever so wonderful, but live or virtual, my life is enhanced and enriched from having you all around. Thank you for taking the time to pop in and help me make big life decisions, lol. I thank you, and so does my hair.


yaiAnn said...

Yes, one of these days.. hopefully sooner rather than later!

Stacy said...

It's nice having a little online friends network, isn't it? Seriously, some of my Live Journal friends helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life two years ago. Amazing women out there, near and far.