Tuesday, September 23, 2008

has button nose lost her ever lovin' mind?

Maybe so, but hubby Charlie knows what time it is.


Anonymous said...

ROFLAO, am I glad those Ads didn't show up in my part of the world!!!What? Ask your husband???Zzzzz dizzy dizzy.
My head is spinning, I am gone to lay down!

BUT, first I must express my disappoint on the machine shown. I was soooo hoping that they'd show a slant 401!


Ellen Bloom said...

OK. That commercial is hilarious! I wish the Singer repair man would still make housecalls in his cool panel truck today!

Orchidophile said...

What a hoot! LOL!

yaiAnn said...

Ha, the first generation of infomercials!

woolanthropy said...

Silly, get a Singer. Hahahaha.
I love living in fantasy land.

Anonymous said...

Just thinking of you. Hope it's not too crazy.

Anonymous said...


Thought this one might make your mouth drop. No, I do not love to sew that much!

Happy moving, thinking of you.

Carmell said...

ask you husband... yeah ok... um how bout i just go buy it myself and he'll find out about it later!! yeah that sounds better... ask your husband HA!

i think she had a Singer in mind from the get go. they should have had wink a the camera when he hugged her!! that would have been classic!