Friday, September 19, 2008

planet money

Planet Money is a new financial blog and podcast on NPR. It's the result of "The Giant Pool of Money"'s popularity. Cool? Right? I've subscribed and am going to start listening to it today, while the federal government forms its massive bailout plan for the financial sector.

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG are only the beginning. Bush came out of his cuckoo clock for about 5 seconds yesterday to "reassure" the American public that everything's going to be fine, but it's clear as a bell that it'll be a long day in hell before that's really the case. Where is the government going to get a trillion dollars to provide what Traveller's Yarn has aptly dubbed welfare for corporations? Public education is already a sham. Our infrastructure is already crumbling. Social services are becoming more and more a thing of the past. On Ravelry, I'm reading sad posts by people who have lost their entire retirement savings. It's madness, I'm telling you.

Does it mean government jobs for the masses?

Oh, and if you don't live in America and you're thinking maybe we see more of Bush than you do in your neck of the woods, we don't.


woolanthropy said...

A new podcast. Cool.

normanack said...

"Bush came out of his cuckoo clock . . ."
Heh heh. That's way, way too funny.
We need a laugh about now . . .

Orchidophile said...

Thanks for the link!!! I love finance podcasts!!!

This week. Even my students are talking about it!

Deborah said...

My cynicism tells me that this was their goal all along. To totally decimate the country and to reverse all social programs for the people. The next administration, whoever gets in, will have a tough time maintaining what is left. It was a raid.