Monday, September 01, 2008

blame it on toledo

I've had such a fantastic weekend, really and truly. I'll share more on that later, but for now I have to admit that this long weekend wouldn't have been complete if I didn't make something. Terry's adorable yoga mat bag -- which I'm hoping to get a decent picture of -- was fun to make with her, but it got me jonesing to do some sewing for myself.

I started this dress yesterday morning, from a pattern and fabric I bought when I visited my father in Toledo in April. As far as I can tell, Toledo isn't known for its stellar selection of fabric stores, so Hancock's it was, and I was glad to have it. This fabric was on sale, came in a few colorways (the red sections being either blue or yellow), and though I was iffy on it, dress yardage was irresistibly cheap, so I bought it. I made sure to buy the pattern to go with it so that it wouldn't end up collecting dust. I've seen this fabric made up on several sewing blogs. It's not bad. It's some cotton-poly blend, I think, so it's got fabulous drape.

The whole time I was sewing the dress I wasn't so sure about it. It seemed too -- something. The pattern calls for twill tape or cording for the tie. I used a pretty woven ribbon, tried it on, and it wouldn't draw the neckline properly. I made a drawstring, and not only does it look better, it makes the dress fit better.

I think I like this dress. I go back and forth between It's cute and kicky and swingy! to Um, when am I due?

Project Notes
New Look 6700. Easy 2 Hour, but it took me, like, well, some ungodly number. I made view A, but I shortened it by adding 3.5 inches to view B. You've probably already caught on to the fact that view A is just view B sans pockets. The pattern is as easy as it looks, but every step was a surprise to me, since I don't read ahead. Single fold bias tape -- WHAT? Why?! Oh, armhole facing. Damn. Well. Do I have any of that? Whew. Okay. I can keep going.
Size: 12. Size 10 was in the running, and it could've worked too.
Fabrics: Cotton/poly blend? Hancock Fabrics. Thank god for chain stores, or Toledo would be a black hole.
Me love it long time? It's a good dress to overeat in, that's for sure.


Laurie Ann said...

I say "cute and kicky." I like it.

Anonymous said...

I like it too. It looks cool in every sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl. I'm back and up way too late for an early morning. The dress is Ca-Ute! Looking at the pattern, my immediate thought was that it was a kid's dress. But you are workin' it.

Adrienne said...

Cute!!!!!!!! I have some fabric JUST like that!

Stacy said...

I think it is really cute!

Orchidophile said...

You think you like the dress. I know I like it! Nice.

The shoes are fab also.

woolanthropy said...

Love it. And you are truly working it on the roof tops.

Nik said...

You better like it. 'cause i do.

like the shoes you're wearing it with.

yaiAnn said...

I think it's fab and the perfect summer dress. Pay no mind to those maternal instincts.. I think most of the dresses I've made have that maternal look and feel to it, but shoot. If it's cute, it's CUTE!

Anonymous said...

It looks simply wonderful on you!

Lynette said...

you definitely don't look preggers in that dress. it's so chic and pretty. great job!!

golden star said...

Wow! Lookin' good to me!