Monday, September 15, 2008

a day of whine and losses

Remember this? Let's just say it's as relevant today as it was the day I made it. Ugh. I'm going to bed.

When I wake up, maybe my pains will be gone, and as a bonus, the American economy will have put itself back together. I'm dreaming before I even go to sleep.

And, my god, did anyone see Oprah today? I'm glad I did, but I wish I hadn't.

And what about Washington Mutual? Should I switch my direct deposit to a shoebox in my closet?



woolanthropy said...

Man, I couldn't bring myself to watch Oprah today. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Mama de Saga said...

Scary isn't it!

AllyB said...

So sorry you're needing that hot water bottle...hope you're better today. Thanks for stoppin by and sayin hey. Don't put your money in a shoebox, two and thieves!

j.kaori said...

Hope you feel better today and will not need that very cleverly conceived hot water bottle sock.

Anonymous said...

Wish I had a remedy for you. Hope you are feeling better.

What's up with Oprah? Is she getting fat'ter again? All that dressing to disguise, and that hairstyle? Do you suppose she has been catapulted back into the 80s?


Anonymous said...

Worried about your WaMu account huh? Must have a lotta mula in there. Prob'ly too much to store in a shoebox. But you could split it. $50,000 in BofA, $50,000 at Wells Fargo. Then it will all be FDIC insured. Too bad about the crampies. Never suffered much from them myself MUAHAHA. What I was thinking was how cozy that warm bottle must feel on your tummy, all curled up and comfy. Hope it worked!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I hate any kind of discomfort. I pop a pill as soon as any sign of pain appears. Midol, Advil, Tiger Balm, Whatever. Kudos to you for seeing it through with an old fashioned remedy.