Tuesday, April 01, 2008

for the love of all that's pure and eBay

My exchange with Elizabeth Gilbert (my new best friend) about eBay was particularly funny because when V picked me up that night, what did I come tumbling out of my apartment building carrying? A big old box I'd received courtesy of eBay. It took up about half her backseat, and V and her girlfriend made friendly fun of me over it. I could have left it in the mail area of my building, where I'd discovered it on my way out, but deep down inside I'm only six, and I had to open the box in the car. The goodness that awaited me:

Vintage Mason jars, with zinc lids. It's a shame how much I love these things. Growing up, my grandmother was a canner, a preserver of fruits and veggies for the seasons ahead. They remind me of her.

The thought of filling up their blue-green emptiness with pretty, useful things makes me giddy.


Adrienne said...

I LOVE jars!!!!!!!!!!!!! well, ANY container for that matter! LOL

Anonymous said...

Only 3?

Day 15

woolanthropy said...

Oooo. I have some Ball jars that were my Grandmas. They are hiding in the garage until I can clean off a shelf. I love the blue-green color!