Wednesday, April 09, 2008

the comfort of home

Sign seen while driving from the airport in Michigan to Toledo:

Beef Jerky Unlimited
70 Kinds of Jerky
Open 7 Days
(not a gas station)


woolanthropy said...

That's a lot of jerky and that it's not a gas station is a bonus? I don't know. I guess gas station and slim jim go hand in hand.

Sounds like a scenic drive;)

jessie said...

Classic. Obviously one of your more upscale jerky joints.

Laurie Ann said...

The Midwest loves their jerky. 70 kinds though? That boggles the mind.

yaiAnn said...

Are you telling us it's not a gas station or was that part of the sign?

It's like the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., but for jerky!

Ellen Bloom said...

So, you're bringing us back some jerky samples, right?

sappmama said...

LOL. It is a LOT of jerky. Right on the sign, it separated itself from lowly gas stations. The place is just all about the jerky!