Thursday, April 24, 2008

argentina, are you crying for me?

Hey, hey, hey, ladies. What's up?! You guys don't want a shot at free cuteness? Even if you already have a ton of it, and even if you don't knit or sew, there's a chance I'll send some sunshine to your mailbox if you leave a comment on yesterday's post. Heather, yes! You're in! What the hay?

Perhaps you lovely people are feeling a bit like vying for a gift would be like dancing on my grave, in light of my current situation, but, trust me, an opportunity to give would keep me feeling good. So, please, indulge me. Otherwise, it's like visiting your great aunt's house and refusing to eat any of her Ladyfingers. :)

(And if you don't have a blog -- or even if you do -- you can certainly "pay it forward" in some other area of your life.)


Anonymous said...

You're funny. I totally had that thought about posting yesterday. I'm already thinking about how I'm going to pass it on.

woolanthropy said...

okay I left a comment today on yesterday's post. Which I thought I commented on yesterday but I guess I didn't hit "print" or something. Technical error.

I want to play too!

Frank said...

For my part, you pay it forward to me every time you post... I appreciate your honesty, candor, and authenticity.