Thursday, April 17, 2008


Comment of the week, from Heather, on yesterday's post:

...did you know that there was a ghost with you in that hotel room?
Look carefully at the top picture, he is wearing a hat!!!!! how scary...LOL

Heather, I'm cracking up at this one!

That's actually Schmin.

At the last minute, he was able to book a ticket and go home with me. He and my father, his granddad, are two party peas in a pod, and the minute Schmin heard Granddad was sick, he was determined to make the trip.

Even though we didn't book our tickets at the same time, Priceline was good to us and we got the same flights heading out. On the return, Schmin was scheduled to fly out an hour and a half ahead of me. His flight was delayed, and we got to fly home together too. Once he's in Toledo, Schmin is Mr. Popularity, so he helped me get set up in the hotel room then went his own way.

The hat thing is his latest fashion statement. He's done the rock star. Skater/Trucker Dude. The Preppy. And now he's doing what I've dubbed Bohemian Bum Chic, which he thinks is hilarious, but isn't that an accurate description? I mean, really. The fedora tops it off.

The photos were taken on the way to the baggage claim at Detroit Metro Airport. It's a trippy passageway between terminals. Groovy.

It changes colors. Watch.

Magic walls.
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport, where we had brief layovers, won't be outdone. They've got themselves a flying pig.


DarcyArtsy said...

Oh, pretty must be to calm those American Airline passengers! LAX needs to be more hip.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sappmama,
Glad I could bring a smile to your face. You hadn't mentioned Schmin in your posts so I thought I'd turn him into that mysterious figure...LOL..
I'd know him anywhere in that hat!

Day? completely forgotten.

travellersyarn said...

Fabulous photos.

Deborah said...

ok, i've never been in the detroit airport but after seeing your pictures it is confirmed New York's airports are the ghetto airports of the world!