Tuesday, April 08, 2008

good gets

I'm getting ready to head home to Ohio, but I wanted to post highlights from Sunday's b-day celebration. To recap, the celebrated were Maryjo and Darcy, the location was the lovely Descanso Gardens outside LA.

We enjoyed walking through the gardens, but we were definitely anticipating gift-giving time. We all knit, crochet, sew, quilt, or all of the above, Natalie does beading, and Ellen is a world-class painter. The gifts are always surprising, creative, and so much fun to unveil. Here are the highlights, including a sweater Ellen made for Maryjo (done up in 8 days!), Natalie's fantastic stitch markers, a coaster and T-shirt designed by Lori, and a recycled can bracelet that Darcy bought for Maryjo. The lotus flower was my other gift to Darcy. I bought it from this great Etsy shop.

These aren't gifts, but personal belongings too tasty not to show:

Maryjo's yummy ArtFibers "Cheesecake" yarn.

One of Natalie's wrist warmers made from Pancake and Lulu yarn. For her birthday, I gave her a yarn of the month club membership. This beautimousness was one of the yarns. I highly recommend this gift. Pancake and Lulu's yarn is among the most glorious I've ever seen, and Natalie had a blast receiving a "mystery" ball each month. (Plus she says it smells delightful.)

This is Lori's bag. Oh how I love it! These numbers are pure magic.

For the party girls and anyone else interested, the rest of the b-day pictures are here.


jessie said...

Great stuff. It's early, I've barely had a sip of coffee, but that number looked so familiar. 746.43. Hmm.

I got it without having to click. Too bad my library only carries about 4 books with that number...

Adrienne said...

Cute stuff! Have a safe trip to Ohio!

Ellen Bloom said...

Have a good trip to Ohio, Carla. I know your Dad will be so happy to see you!

Thanks for posting the pix. Your close-ups are the best!

sahara said...

Those gifts are just FAB!