Friday, April 25, 2008

dear god, two thumbs up

Alright so no bawling my eyes out the first night. Schmin came over and we watched Half Baked (we bought a cheap copy in Toledo 'cause we're into high art). I finished a book and a knitting project -- yes, a knitting project. Wow.

My friend has been through her own hard times recently -- the breakup of a 10-year relationship for one -- but the energy in her place is good. Schmin walked around a minute, then sat down and announced, No bad juju here. Today I went to Tarzhay and got some things to homify the place for myself.

Most of my things are still at The Bubs's, but tomorrow we're going to change that. I did lock myself out of there tonight. Walked out and clean forgot my purse because I was carrying a box and my laptop and I was fried. It's a good thing I had the keys to this place in my pockets. And that it's right around the corner. Can't beat that.

It's night two. Schmin and Froggy are here and we're watching The Last Dragon. Taimak at his finest. Me and Schmin are quickly making it safe for the cheesy ghetto classic around here.

By the by, you can still leave a comment here if you want a shot at some good stuff. I'm extending the deadline to Sunday.


Adrienne said...

Who's the master!??!? SHO NUFF!!!!! LOL You took me back with that one....Bruce-Leroy! lol

Lil Knitter said...

It's only natural that you're brain is a little whacked but you're doing great! I'm glad you have good friends to be there for ya.

You still have friends in the cyber world too who are thinking of you and sending BIG cyber hugs!

*see, there's some right there*

Nik said...

Adrienne beat me to the "Sho-nuff" comment.

I used to like the part where he asks the girl "Can you teach me some moves?"

And dude's got some abs on him, doesn't he? I just looked at his website.